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Health & Disability

To improve the daily lives of people affected by illness or disability, in France and around the world.

Education, Training & Integration

Helping the less fortunate to integrate or reintegrate into society and to flourish through education and employment.

Poverty & Solidarity

Create solidarity networks and maintain social ties.

Art & Culture

Fight against social and cultural exclusion by introducing art and culture.

Environment & Animals

Protect and preserve nature and animals.

Discrimination & Violence

Helping people who are victims of all forms of discrimination and violence.

Finance innovative projects with high social impact.

Charitips has chosen to help charities or foundations that respond to the great social needs or problems of our time. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the projects demonstrate their effectiveness, their social impact and are totally financially transparent.

These charities are the image of today's citizen commitment: creative, connected, in action, listening, at the service of the most underprivileged and of all those who are struggling to keep up with the societal changes of this early 21st century.

A large number of the charities present on Charitips are also labeled "La France s'engage", an additional recognition, if any were needed, of their exemplarity.