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We come across homeless people every day... How can we not feel helpless when faced with issues as complex as housing or social exclusion? To these questions are sometimes added preconceived ideas, rooted in the collective imagination, which dehumanize and contribute to increasing the exclusion of these women and men with uneven paths.

However, changing the way we look at things and recreating links can help homeless people emerge from isolation, recover their dignity and confidence in themselves.

This is within the reach of every citizen, complementing the action of professionals, in order for everyone to find a place in society.

At La Cloche, all of our actions are born and developed, thanks to the collaboration of the various actors in a neighborhood:

- Excluded publics

- Citizens

- Professionals in the field

- Schools

- Companies

- Public authorities.

- ...

Our approach, positive and accessible, allows everyone to act, at their own level, for the good of all.

Does this sound familiar? Then, together let us resonate in solidarity to build a more inclusive society!

La Cloche is an association, law 1901, apolitical and aconfessional. Its mandate is to raise awareness, train and mobilize citizens in the fight against extreme exclusion through the change of perspective and the creation of social ties.

Early in 2015, it launched its 1st program, Le Carillon. It is a network of solidarity merchants that promotes benevolent and proximity links between homeless people, merchants and residents. Le Carillon allows the exchange of simple services that change the life of each person, and are a pretext for social ties and ultimately participates in changing the way people look at each other (and at themselves). Today, Carillon can be found all over France and in particular in 8 major French cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Strasbourg and Rennes.

In 2017, it is the program Les Clochettes that was born with its inclusive urban initiatives: shared gardens, murals ... all to be carried out between neighbors with and without homes to always recreate the link and change the look.

Finally, in 2018, it's the Cloche à Biscuits, an inclusion cookie factory, which opens its doors in Paris. Thanks to the Premières Heures scheme of the city of Paris, people in great precariousness have the opportunity to resume a supported professional activity that takes into account their situation. Already 3 recipes of organic and fair trade cookies to devour on demand thanks to our super cookie makers!

And the Bell doesn't stop there to break clichés and create opportunities for encounters and sharing: a gazette, a radio and podcasts to give voice to street people, but also a choir, theater workshops or even unpopular soups and even citizen trainings!

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