Fondation Le Refuge

Protecting LGBT+ youths


Recognized as a Public Utility, Le Refuge Foundation shelters and accompanies young LGBT+ people, aged 14 to 25, rejected by their parents, driven out of the family home, because they are homosexual or trans and/or questioning their identity.

Accompanying and housing young gay, lesbian and transgender people in a wandering situation
Because it's not always easy to make the right decisions when you're in a broken situation...

Raison d'être
In France, the lack of response to these distress calls is glaring, especially when we know that the majority of suicide attempts occur during adolescence when these young people find themselves isolated, without a social group to belong to and struggling with real or anticipated rejection from the family environment.

The beneficiaries
These are young people, aged 14 to 25, mostly facing social difficulties and in a situation of family breakdown. Many of them show uneasiness about their homosexuality/transidentity or are in total denial.
It is certain that young people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or their questioning gender identity need specific care and a reassuring, guilt-relieving listening ear... Moreover, we must not forget the prejudices and discrimination they are victims of within the marginalized populations themselves. They do not find their place naturally within the structures of common law accommodation such as the CHRS, as Dimitri testifies: "This environment has destroyed me more than anything else. I wonder if the staff is homophobic, poorly trained in this issue or simply incapable of hearing and understanding it. (Le Monde, September 15, 2005)

The objectives
We offer a multidisciplinary follow-up during which our volunteers accompany the young person welcomed on a daily basis by helping him or her build a life project.
It is a month of withdrawal, of pause, of reflection on the life project that we help him or her build. The young person is sheltered from need. He is surrounded by people who care about him and who do not judge him. They can free their minds and say, "I'm here. What do I do now? What do I decide to do?" If his decision is to reconnect with his parents to try to get back into the home environment, we make contact with the family mediator and with the family. We try to re-establish the relationship, taking into account the wishes of each person. Nothing is imposed. If the young person decides to make a total break with his family and his region of origin, we help him look for a job and housing.

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youth accompanied and 2032 youth accommodated since 2003


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