Fonds de dotation La Tanière

Save, collect, care for, protect and rehabilitate any animal that is not offered any other solution


From monkeys released from laboratories, to retired circus fawns and camelids, to animals seized by the authorities: La Tanière takes in, shelters, cares for, rehabilitates and protects any animal in distress.

Since its creation and thanks to the support of our donors, La Tanière has been able to save nearly a thousand animals, performed some forty emergency interventions including more than 380 medical interventions, and rehomed nearly 400 animals.

Attentive to their history and without judgment on their life course, we do everything possible to offer them and ensure a second life under the sign of respect and animal welfare.

Thanks to our team of veterinarians and specialized animal caretakers, we care for these animals without relentlessness and ensure them a dignified life by adapting to their character, their behavior and what they feel.

Helping La Tanière is acting concretely in favor of the Animal Cause.

It is to offer animals in need a peaceful and dignified life.

It is to fight against abandonment, mistreatment and animal trafficking.

It is to allow us to provide each of our boarders with care adapted to his or her history and personality.

(our key figures are dated of 12/31/2020)

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