Jane Goodall Institute France

Give a better life to endangered chimpanzees, restore their forests and help local populations to develop!


The Jane Goodall Institute was established in 1977 to protect wild animals (chimpanzees and others), their natural habitats, by helping the local communities that live around them to develop in a sustainable and positive way. We also inspire young people to take action for a peaceful coexistence between people, animals and nature. Dr. Jane Goodall is an environmental icon. Recipient of hundreds of awards, shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize, she is a United Nations Messenger of Peace. Our actions on animal welfare and the human/animal relationship extend to training (conferences), our partnerships with shelters (Refuge de la Tanière, ..) and awards for young researchers.

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Key numbers


people in Africa have access to water, education, health, food security and economic and social development


chimpanzees protected and cared for in sanctuaries or in the wild


youth reached by our action-oriented program: Roots & Shoots

60 years

of internationally recognized scientific research

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Environment & Animals

Centre de soins LPO Aquitaine

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The LPO Aquitaine Care Center is located on the Domaine de Certes et Graveyron in the commune of Audenge (33). Each year, wild animals in distress (birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians) are welcomed at the Center with the aim of treating them and rehabilitating them in their environment. It thus contributes to the safeguarding of wildlife. In 2019,  the Care Center took in 4,934 wild animals in distress. The Center plays a significant role in the protection of sensitive and fragile species, often representative of the good health of an environment, such as the European Otter, the Osprey, the Cistude Turtle or the Little Owl.Our teams are constantly experimenting with new care protocols to improve the well-being of animals during their stay and increase the percentage of animals released. Funds raised through your generosity will be donated to the Care Center to purchase food and medication for our residents, care and testing equipment. These funds will also be allocated to the general operation of the Center.80 € : This is the average cost of an animal cared for at the Center, from intake to release.By supporting the Center, you are taking concrete action to protect and save wildlife!
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Wings of the Ocean is a nonprofit charity founded in 2018 carrying out ocean cleanups at sea, on the coasts and in a decentralized way on the French and European territory. We carry out actions to raise awareness of plastic pollution issues and encourage with all the means at our disposal the zero waste lifestyle as well as any action to avoid plastic consumption for individuals and companies.Depollution is a way to repair the damage caused by man on his environment by addressing the consequences as much as the causes of the systemic human pollution. Picking up a piece of waste, raising awareness of zero waste, directing businesses towards new environmental techniques, and campaigning for a world that is fairer to living things are all ways of depolluting our environment downstream or upstream.
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