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Since 1999, PLAY International has been roaming the grounds of the world using sport as a lever for education and inclusion. This action on the ground demonstrates that it is possible to positively impact life paths by inventing new ways of using physical activity and sport: to promote learning and develop life skills; to facilitate dialogue between communities scarred by war; etc.

The development of Playdagogy, for example, illustrates this reality: we can learn actively and effectively through play. This is the case in Créteil on the scourge of a sedentary lifestyle, the fourth leading cause of death in the world. It is also the case in Burundi on the major issue of staying in school, in a country where more than one child in four does not finish primary school.

Playdagogy is an active and participatory teaching method designed and developed by PLAY International. It uses sports games as an educational medium. In the extracurricular sector, it transmits prevention messages to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge. In the school environment, its ambition is to raise awareness among children and to contribute to their change of mentality. Products of a collective work, the educational contents ( thematic sheets, sessions, appendices) are co-created with PLAY International's operational (education and animation professionals), institutional and scientific partners.

In France, PLAY International and the Ministry of National Education have signed a framework agreement and an approval as a charity complementary to public education. The usefulness of Playdagogy is recognized there in academic success, the well-being of children and the training of future citizens. This commitment aims to deploy the Playdagogy method, particularly within the Priority Education Networks (REP and REP+).

Together we have created new ways to use sport and play to build a better future for everyone!

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