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For 20 years, Sport dans la Ville has been the leading charity for integration through sport in France.
All of the programs set up by Sport dans la Ville, enable the social and professional integration of the 6,500 young people enrolled in the charity, by actively participating in their progress and personal development.

To have a strong immediate impact with young people, Sport dans la Ville goes out to meet them, by setting up sports fields in the heart of their neighborhood. By offering its activities free of charge, Sport dans la Ville creates contact and proximity, in order to develop a real relationship of trust with each individual

The Job dans la Ville program aims to develop the employability of young people, aged 16 to 22, living in priority neighborhoods and registered in the 30 Sport dans la Ville sports centers.

To achieve the objective of a qualification and a sustainable job for each young person, 5 concrete actions are proposed:

- individual support provided by an integration manager,
- sponsorship by company employees, in order to discover the business world and access a new network,
- visits to companies and training organizations,
- training in the professional world, in order to allow each young person to gain self-confidence,
- assignments in companies in order to allow each young person to access initial professional experience.

Because all young people should have the same opportunity to succeed regardless of where they live or their social background, support Sport dans la Ville's actions.

Because getting your first job is always a challenge, help Sport dans la Ville accompany more young people on the path to success.

Key numbers


young people registered in our sports centers


active sports centers in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France and Sud


youths enrolled in the Job in the City employment program in 2020

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