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Created in 2014, Wake up Café (WKF) accompanies  people in and out of prison who are motivated to be supported towards a sustainable reintegration, without recidivism. It offers programs aimed at the complete rehabilitation of the person, individual and collective support inside and outside, and a community of mutual aid, a pillar in the fight against recidivism and isolation. WKF operates in the Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie regions and works in close collaboration with the Direction de l'Administration Pénitentiaire, the Services Pénitentiaires d'Insertion et de Probation (SPIP), the Ministère de la Justice, etc.

So Wake up Café works on 3 essential aspects of its project:

Give incarcerated people a better self-esteem so that they can regain the desire and energy necessary to become the driving force behind their reintegration.

Accompany inmates from their place of incarceration to employment, and beyond employment over time.

Awareness of society and business leaders to the challenge of rehabilitation of prison leavers.

Key numbers


people have benefited from WKF activities since 2014

- de 10 %

of recidivism

85 %

of success on sentence adjustments

65 %

of positive exit rate

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Born out of a citizen movement, SINGA creates opportunities for engagement and collaboration between newcomers (refugee asylum seekers) and their host society. Together we build bridges between individuals for living together, cultural enrichment and job creation, in an effort to raise awareness and deconstruct prejudices about asylum.SINGA today brings together a community of over 30,000 members. It is above all a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen, dancers, singers, students who meet to participate in the reception of refugees and enrich the repertoire of asylum through innovation.SINGA is in 9 French regions and ten countries and develops tools for every citizen wishing to participate in the reception of refugees anywhere in France and in the world. The CALM platform connects refugees looking for temporary accommodation with citizens who have a room to host them.SINGA's incubators, in 8 cities in Europe, are working to reveal the economic impact that refugees bring by accompanying them in their project. SINGA allows you to engage in the community through a variety of cultural activities, connecting "Buddies" who share common passions. OUR MISSIONS:1. INFORMAwareness, the first step to becoming actors in civil society to the wealth that newcomers can bring. Through trainings, team-building workshops or events gathering refugees and citizens, SINGA lays the foundations for a reflection around asylum for a human, creative and collaborative welcome.2. INTERAGINGBy going beyond simple dialogue, our goal is to bring people together around what they love!"SINGA offers its members the opportunity to be connected on the basis of shared passions and skills, whether it be for learning a language, creating a professional or entrepreneurial project. We believe that it is by connecting people that we create greater inclusion. This is also the goal of the CALM program, which connects refugees seeking temporary shelter with citizens who have a room to host them.3. INNOVATESINGA is constantly identifying new opportunities using innovative practices and methodologies!Refugees face many barriers that can be addressed through innovative toolsand meeting spaces. Socio-economic inclusion is achieved through the use of digital technology, the promotion of entrepreneurship or through initiatives imagined by our members.
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ViensVoirMonTaf offers middle school students from the Réseau d'Education Prioritaire (REP) access to a pool of companies via a dedicated website, in order to find a 3rd grade internship. It is an ultra-benevolent network of professionals who offer one-week internships to students who have no contacts, no network.The aim is to give these young people, who are often far removed from the business world, a chance to access economic sectors that are difficult to reach when one has no network. In this process of bringing together the professional world and the college students the charity accompanies the companies and the students in order to make these internships an opportunity for each one to discover and open up. ViensVoirMonTaf is present throughout France.Objective:- Open a branch per region;- Accompany young interns throughout their journey, before, during and after their internship;- Extend the internship network beyond the 3rd grade internships for high school students in priority education zones.Professional:You want to host an internship for a young person without a priority education network? Nothing could be easier...Student:No contacts, no pull, no network to find an internship? Take a look among the offers. Here, everything is allowed !College :Teachers, CPE : create an account for your school and follow the applications of your studentsCompany :Create an account for your company and follow all the internships offered by your employees
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